UV Class- Utility Vehicles

PT Scooter  Battery Operated Personal Transport

Power Trac PT-1 Scooter

Battery operated personal transport

Speeds up to 15 mph

15-20 miles on one full charge

Saves employees and employers valuable time in plants and warehouses

Eliminates hassle, physical strain and time expenditure of walking from place to place 

Fits through a 3 foot wide door

PT Scooter Video

All Steel Construction

Carry 400 lbs up to 10% grade

Fore and aft seat adjustment

13:650x6 pneumatic tires

1 1/2" Square tubing frame

Number 35 Drive Train

Hand operated disc brake



PT Scooters- General Features and Specifications

The PT-1 Scooter features a 12 Volt Deep Cycle Marine Battery


The PT Scooter features a 12 Volt DC Series wound motor.


Use the right hand to control the Variable 3 speed and the left hand controls the disc brake.


110 Volt Charger is included with the Scooter but is NOT mounted.


Slim design and front wheel drive allow for tight maneuverability through crowded areas.

Height- 39"

Weight- 277 lbs.

Length- 58"

Width- 28"



A Utility Basket is included with the PT Scooter and has a 6" x 24" capacity.


Reduce worker fatigue


PT-2 Scooter features an extra seat.

Height- 39"

Weight- 339 lbs.

Length- 84"

Width- 28"

Price (includes charger)- $2100



ATV Hunt VEE  6x6 Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicle
6x6, All-Terrain, Amphibious Vehicle

25 horsepower gasoline engine

Many options available

See Price Sheet for options

ATV Hunt Vee Video


Power Trac ATV Hunt VEE

Go places where most ATV's can not go

Perfect for hunters, fishermen and avid outdoorsmen

Dual Hydrostatic drive with NO chains or belts

Wheel motor on each wheel


Below is a picture gallery of features and options of the Power Trac ATV Hunt VEE.  Click on the picture to see a larger view.

Power Trac ATV Hunt VEE

The Power Trac ATV Hunt VEE can travel up a 60% grade with a 1,200 lbs. load.

ATV Hunt Vee Control Panel

Control panel features one joystick to control steering along with 20 & 50 amp, ignition, throttle and choke controls.

Land and Water

The ATV Hunt VEE can travel on land at infinitely variable speeds of 0-14 MPH and in water at infinitely variable speeds of 0-3 MPH. The ATV Hunt Vee can tow up to 1,000 lbs.


The Power Trac ATV Hunt Vee contains a 25 horsepower gasoline engine with a 5 gallon capacity fuel tank.


The ATV Hunt VEE features an insulated hood and muffler which makes the machine run more quietly.


Length- 101"; Width- 60"; Height (top of hood)- 44"; Height (top of rail)-34"; Ground Clearance- 9"; Weight (without options)- 1625 lbs; Frame- 12 gauge steel; Covers- 16 gauge steel;

Front Section

The front section of the ATV Hunt VEE features a brush guard and 50-watt Halogen Lights.

Storage Compartments

Storage Compartments under the front seat come standard on the ATV Hunt VEE.


A winch kit option can be purchased from Power Trac. The winch features a 1500 lbs pull.

Optional Cargo Decks

Cargo Decks can be purchased from Power Trac. These decks can be added to the front or rear of the ATV. Two sizes available include: 20x48 & 24x60.

Rear Storage Compartments

Rear storage compartments can be added along with rear seats with belts and brackets. Seats can be purchased with arm rests.

Cargo rack



T8 Class

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