Quick Attach

Quick Attach is standard on all Power Trac machines.  Quick attach is simple to use.  From the operator's seat, insert the Quick Attach plate on the hydraulic arms into the receiver plate on the attachment.  Lift and tilt of the quick attach plate can be controlled by the joystick on the control panel of the Power Trac.   Use the steering wheel to control right or left motion for precise placement of the Quick Attach plate.   Once the Quick Attach plate is secure and attached to the receiver plate, use the quick attach lever above the operator's right knee in order to activate the Quick Attach cylinders which locks the attachment in place.  (PT-180 is manually actuated)   With Quick Attach, there is no more physical strain.  The operator can change attachments without leaving the seat of the tractor... except for connecting hydraulic hoses for attachments that require the use of the PTO.


T8 Class

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