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4 Sizes Available.


Different width buckets available for each size backhoe


Light material bucket; 5 sizes available.

Dirt Bucket

Use dirt buckets for heavy materials such as dirt, sand or gravels. Teeth are available for purchase with dirt buckets.

Light Material Bucket

10 cubic foot light material bucket. 5 Sizes Available.

4-in One Bucket

4-in One Bucket works as a standard bucket, blade, grapple and false-bottom bucket. 4 Sizes Available.

4-in One Bucket

4-in One bucket operating as a false bottom bucket.

4-in One Bucket

4-in-one Bucket working as a blade.

Grapple Bucket

Action shot of Grapple bucket on PT-1430. 4 sizes are available.

Grapple Bucket

Grapple Bucket attachment gathering loose debris.

Grapple Bucket

Grapple Bucket on PT-425.

Post Hole Digger

6" - 24" Post Hole Augers available. Post Hole Diggers use "swivel" heads.

Post Hole Digger

Post Hole Digger with 9" post hole auger. Pivots side to side.

Planter Drill Head

14"- 36" Planter Augers available. Planter augers are used on "fixed" heads.

36" Auger/ Planter Drill Head

36" Auger on a Planter Drill Head.

Stump Cutter

5 Sizes Available

Dirt/Snow Blade

5 Sizes Available.

Lift Boom

5 Sizes Available.

Flail Mower

The Flail Mower provides an extra fine cut. 2 Sizes available.

3 Blade Rotary Mower

48" finished-cut mowing deck on a 425.

3 Blade Rotary Mower

42" thru 90" Sizes Available. Check price sheet for each model.

Boom Mower

2 Sizes Available. 5ft. Reach; 20" Cut

Boom Mower

Use Boom Mowers to mow areas that are unreachable with a conventional mowing deck.

Boom Mower

Mow Steep slopes with the boom mower.

Knuckle Boom Mower

2 Sizes Available. 8' & 10' reach; 30" cut

Brush Cutter

3 Sizes Available.

Box Blade

Use box blades to smooth out dirt

Box Blade

5 Sizes Available. 42" to 72"

Box Trailer

For Homeowners.

Plugger Core Aerator

Use the plugger core aerator to aerate lawns. 4 sizes are available.

Wheel Trencher

4 Sizes available. 2" wide. Up to 12" Deep. Fast, clean trenches. Also cuts asaphalt.

Wheel Trencher

Cut trenches into pavement. Offset arm allows trenching close to edge.

Disc Edger

Fertilizer Spreader

Use the fertilizer spreader to distribute salt in the winter and fertilizer in the spring and summer. 2 sizes available.


Close-up shot of forks. 5 sizes are available.


Use forks to move palettes and other items on the job site.

Adjustable Forks

2 Sizes Available

Hay Fork

Landscape and Dethatch

Landscape and Dethatch front attachment. Pickup thatch, small rocks, roots, etc. Have in hopper and dump.


Use the Power Trac minihoe on the front of a Power Trac tractor. 2 sizes available.


The minihoe is ideal for the Power Trac tractors that can not connect to a backhoe.


Use the minihoe on the front of a Power Trac. Bucket curl is controlled by Auxiliary PTO lever.


Weld this plate to a non-Power Trac front attachment. 5 sizes available. T6 thru T24.

Post Driver

Use the post driver attachment to drive blount posts into the ground for fencing.

Power Dumper

Power Dumper

2 sizes available. Other beds also available. Auto dump without leaving the seat.

Power Rake

Use this attachment to prepare ground for seeding. 4 sizes are available.


Use the rake to gather loose debris on lawns and job sites. 3 sizes are available.


Ramps are available for Power Trac tractors.

Snow Blower

Snow blower attachment, 2 sizes available.

Spiked Aeration Roller

Use the spiked aeration roller to aerate lawns. 2 sizes are available.

Sump Pump

Connect sump pump to hydraulic PTO on Power Trac tractors. 400 GPM; Hydraulic hose- 12' with couplers. Discharge Line- 2"


Sweeper attachments are availalble in 4 sizes.

Potato Digger

Potato Digger attachment.

Tree Hugger

Pick up root ball up to 36" in diameter and carry to hole without leaving seat.

Tree Hugger

2 sizes available. 18" to 36" root ball. 24" to 60" root ball.


5 sizes available.


Use trencher to dig water lines.

Optional Teeth

Optional teeth can be added to a Power Trac trencher to dig 6 feet wide.


Tiller attachments are available for most classes of Power Trac machines. 5 sizes are available.


5 sizes available. 42" thru 72".

Ditch Filler

Use this attachment to fill ditches. 4 sizes available.

Towing Adapter

Use this adapter to connect to aircraft towing bars with pintle or use ball to tow trailers.

Towing Adapter


Winch attachments are hydraulically powered and available for most classes of Power Trac tractors. 2 ton.

Cement Mixer

Use the cement mixer to effectively mix cement without the usual mess of conventional cement mixing. 2 sizes are available.

Tree Shear

5 ton capacity. Cut up to 3" diameter hard wood, 6" diameter soft wood. 3 ft. boom for greater reach into trees.

Concrete Wire Roller

Unroll concrete reinforcement wire for 5 ft. rolls. Sizes available for all Power Trac models.

Above is a photo gallery of Power Trac attachments. 

Each price sheet matches the proper attachments for each class.  All attachments available for a particular class of tractor will be listed on the price sheet.  Attachments are not interchangeable between classes.   Most front-mounted attachments are available for all classes of Power Trac tractors (not UV class).  Click on Picture for a larger size photo.  Attachment photos are processed at 8" wide for better viewing, but some photos have a file size greater than 100K.  If you have 56K modem or lower, please be patient while the pictures download.


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