Articulation and Oscillation


Power Tracs feature a durable but flexible center section that can  articulate plus or minus 45 degrees.  Articulation, or right or left motion, allows the Power Trac to turn on fragile surfaces without ripping the turf.  Articulation is controlled by the steering cylinders.  When the operator performs a turn with the steering wheel, the steering cylinders move the tires inward on one side and outward on the other side.  This permits the Power Trac to turn smoothly on fragile turfs while providing firm traction that grips and does not rip the turf as it travels over it.








A Power Trac's center section also allows it to oscillate plus or minus 12 degrees.   Oscillation, or horizontal twisting, allows the Power Trac to keep all four wheels grounded on uneven terrain.  If one tire is higher than the others, all four remain grounded.  This gives the operator better control of a front attachment and also helps contour mowers provide an even cut.  The Power Trac tires continuously follow the contour of the ground thanks to the oscillating center section.






T8 Class

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